• Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention
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"Never Too Late is the perfect book for readers who love Claire Cook's books and wonder how she got to be such a successful author. But the real purpose and accomplishment of the book is the inspiration it provides and the fascinating and amazingly helpful strategies and methods she presents for any women ('and a few good men') who really want to achieve what they've only dreamed of. The book is about change and opportunity—and how to grab them."—Pamela Kramer, National Book Reviewer, Examiner.com
"I have been a big fan of Claire Cook and her fun books for a while now, so I was excited to grab my copy of her first nonfiction book. Claire has such a friendly and easy manner, and after reading this book I feel like I have been sitting in the kitchen chatting with a good friend and learning from her. I love the idea of reinvention and Claire does it better than anyone. If you need a personal cheerleader to help you along your road to reinvention, then I highly recommend this book."—Looking on the Sunnyside
"Never Too Late resonated with me on a level that I didn’t expect. Still at this moment, I am reviewing all the notes that I took while reading the book. Yes, you read that correctly. There are highlights and typed in notes all over my eBook. Quotes that I wanted to remember, advice that I wanted to make sure that I reminded myself of, and websites that I want to make sure I visit are all there waiting for me on my iPad when I open the book again."—Victoria Colotta, artbookscoffee.com